The name of this society shall be ‘Clitheroe Mountaineering Club’.

2. The Clitheroe Mountaineering Club recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death.  Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks, and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

3. The aim of the Club is to enable local mountaineers to meet and co-ordinate weekend and holiday activities and to foster a greater
appreciation of all aspects of mountain life.

4. Specific objectives shall be:

a. to provide opportunities for members to develop skills in any of  these mountain activities: mountain walking; camping in the mountains;
rock climbing; winter mountaineering; snow and ice climbing.

b. that rock climbing and ice climbing members and prospective members should have some prior experience and that they must come equipped with essential gear – harnesses, helmets and belay devices.

5. There shall be an Annual General Meeting to be held in November each year to elect officials of the Club, to ratify the policies of the Club, to oversee the Club financial accounts, and if necessary, to change the constitution.

6. Club officials shall be elected annually to constitute the committee of the Club. This should include Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Outdoor Meets Organiser and other officials as deemed necessary.

7. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called in two circumstances:

a. Any ten members of the Club may sign and submit a request to the Secretary calling for an Extraordinary General Meeting. The meeting may only discuss issues notified in the request. Having received such a request the Secretary will call a meeting of the Club giving not less than fourteen days notice.

b. The Committee may at any time call an Extraordinary General Meeting by giving at least fourteen days notice.

8. Committee meetings shall be held at least twice a year, and at other times at the request of at least three Club members. Quorum shall be four Committee members. All Committee meetings are to be notified at Club meetings and shall be open to all Club members.

9. The Club shall assemble at its headquarters monthly, except July, for films, talks, demonstrations etc., and for the purpose of arranging
outdoor meets. The time and venue of the meetings are to be arranged by the Committee and full membership to be informed of any necessary


a. Membership is open to anyone interested in mountain activities.

b. Membership fees will be set at the AGM and will become due at that time. New membership fees paid after 31st July shall count as
membership to the end of the following year.

c. Anyone considering joining the Club is entitled to a trial period of three months free of membership fees. At the end of the three month
trial period, the prospective member must join the Club if they wish to continue their involvement. This is in order to satisfy BMC insurance

d. Children under the age of 11 are not eligible for membership but may attend Club events if accompanied by their parent/guardian, who
must themselves be a full member.

e. Junior membership is open to people age 11 up to 18 years provided they are accompanied at all events by their parent/guardian, who should
be members, or adult nominated by their parent/guardian who must also be a full or prospective member.

f. Members may occasionally bring guests to Club meetings.


a. Club monies shall be used solely in the interests of the Club. The Treasurer shall draw up a balance sheet at 31st October, prior to the AGM. An examiner shall be appointed from the Club to carry out an independent examination of the accounts before the AGM is held, and shall advise the AGM on the acceptability of the Treasurer’s Accounts.

b. Monies will be held in a bank of the Treasurer’s choosing with the authorisation of the Committee.

c. Three signatories will be designated by the Committee. Two signatories are required to sign any cheque for withdrawal of monies.


a. A co-ordinator should be appointed for each outdoor group meet, including day walks and weekend meets.

b. The Club, or any official, or any co-ordinator appointed by the Club, is not in any way liable for personal accident or damage to
persons or property occurring during any Club event.

13. If in the opinion of the Committee the conduct of any member be incompatible with membership of the Club or otherwise injurious to
the status of the Club, the Secretary shall call their attention to such conduct by letter, and give them an opportunity of offering an
explanation either in writing, or, if the Committee shall think fit, by appearing before the Committee or both. If no explanation acceptable to
the Committee is received from such a member within a reasonable time, the Committee shall have the power to take any disciplinary action
which they consider appropriate, including expulsion from the Club. No motion for expulsion shall be moved unless there are at least five
members present and competent to vote. Any member expelled under this rule shall forfeit to the Club any fee and subscription which they may
have paid.

Clitheroe Mountaineering Club (CMC) Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult Policy Statement and Guidance


The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) is responsible for its Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult policy and implementation. Individual clubs who are involved with young people and vulnerable adults are required to work within this guidance.

CMC will adopt the BMC policy, guidance and code of conduct with respect to child protection.